Digital Marketing Audits

Lead Thoughts Will do digital marketing audit is simply an inspection of all the practices, strategies, and outcomes of what a business has been doing to establish and improve its online presence.

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Auditing the Website

If you have gone for a long time without cleaning the house, expect nasty things to have emerged. Technology requires constant vigil on our part to keep performing along expected lines.

  • A website that hasn’t been checked for flaws can also lead to a drop in rankings.
  • A website is a mobile friendly website
  • Are all the links, internal as well as external, working?
  • A website is perfectly designed as per google suggestions  
  • Are all the images are optimized properly and are the text wrapping around them the way it should?         
  • Any spammy comments in the blog that need your attention?
  • Is the metadata and meta description is right?
  • Is all the information up-to-date?

Auditing the Marketing Activities

    • Has the traffic from your social media page to the website risen?
      What are you generating more of in terms of traffic — repeat visitors or new visitors? It should ideally be a mix of two.
  •    How long are people staying on the website?
  •    Is your presence on social generating engagement?
  •    Has the brand awareness increased?
  •    How many leads have you generated through social media?

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