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Lead generation is a very important factor either for selling a product or providing a service. It is the one!There are plenty of ways to generate leads and strategies that lead generation companies to follow to succeed online. But, Lead Thoughts have answers for your question too. Let’s look at how we generate leads..

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The popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest provide lead generation businesses and marketers a strong social presence to reach highly targeted audiences.

How does it work?

Twitter Ads

It is a sound platform today to generate leads. To start, we create the lead campaigns where the lead generation cards with related text, image, and call to action let users give their contact information. You can find the target easily through Twitter ads.

Facebook Ads

Undoubtedly Facebook, the largest community is the next social to generate leads.

Website Conversions

Website conversions track specific actions of a website. Facebook ads account can generate a custom audience pixel on a web page of one or multiple websites that is useful. Then the conversations turn into leads. 

So, we add a conversion tracking pixel on a “thank you page” where a lead is redirected to after they submit their contact details.

Search Marketing

SEO and PPC are great traffic generators in PPC and SEO campaigns. They drive the overall prospects of a product or service you are trying to sell matching perfectly with social media ads.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enables the tools to sync qualified clients with your online content that in a way helps in lead generation.

PPC & Relevant Keywords

It is that you only pay when someone clicks on your keyword link, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) leads are often of a higher quality because the potential client is constantly searching for a particular solution. In addition, PPC is trackable less expensive than traditional print advertising.

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