“Online Advertising” is a set of tools and methodologies used for promoting products and services through the digital world

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Online Advertising

AdWords experts at Lead Thoughts are ready to help for your business providing AdWords optimization and management, Re-marketing, Display, App marketing and PPC audit services. Lead Thoughts is a fully Integrated Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad.

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Search Engine Advertising

We help your customers with an easy keyword search and optimize your campaigns to maximize in increasing leads or bringing in brand awareness

Display Ads

We place your ads into carefully chosen websites in contrast to reaching users while They Shop, Browse or Read. Similarly, we will run your ads on selected sites to ensure the right find by the people

Youtube Ads

YouTube, a fast moving and advertising platform is inspiring on the earth right now. It helps to choose the audience for your business, launch video campaign and get a more business attention


Our campaigns allow businesses to stay connected with their target audience after they leave their website by showing ads on your generated website with our re-marketing strategies
Seo Lead Thoughts

Strategy & Planning

How we Advertise?

We advertise your brand on the following ways-

  • Exceptional content on most effective and relevant social media platforms
  • Probably target people within and outside your followers community
  • Our paid content media services extend to promoted Tweets, targeted Facebook ads and sponsored updates on LinkedIn
  • We promote your content of influences to furthermore broaden your brand experience

 Target Audience

We create ads for the people who are are in need and important for business.

Our perspective of Facebook Advertising

We increase your brand awareness with audiences and brand advocates while share ads with the active people on Facebook, position them in their news feeds for an hassle free experience. Our designers and copywriters design and provide content that encourages more about your existence.

Our Online Advertising goal

For Online Advertising, we use a set of tools and methodologies to promote products and services through the digital world.

Online Marketing Formula

These service probably sounds a child’s play but there are many factors related into it and certainly are the key features. They are-

  • Splitting ad groups
  • Refining landing pages
  • developing key terms

Keyword reach

Our teams research and create keywords focusing your business and will quickly lead to a high click rate at the mentioned low cost likewise, our Pay Per Click team assures that the keyword list reaches business goals and create positive impact eliminating expensive and under-performing keywords.

----- Increase the conversions and improve your ROI. -------

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