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Lead Thoughts Search Engine Optimization Team( Seo ) is a strategy for improving the visibility of your website in Google and positioning your website at the top of the search results. Lead Thought is the leading digital marketing agency in Hyderabad

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SEO Audit

The first step in good Search Engine Optimization is to understand the current position of your website online. This is to estimate the search engine friendliness and recognise problematic areas of your website. In the report we create an action plan to suit your individual needs. To make you stand out in the online world we ensure that our work matches constantly updated Search Engine standards.

Keywords Research

Finding Your Best Keywords. Identify a comprehensive list of words that are relevant to your business and that indicate that the searcher may be interested in your content. Once you have a priority list of keywords for your campaign, you should categorize the keywords into segments specific to business goals. This allows for more granular reporting and understanding of performance

Competitor Analysis

Validate your SEO competitors. Once you have the potential competitors that you have gathered from different relevant sources it's time to validate them, by analyzing and filtering which of those are really already ranking, and to which degree, for the same keywords that we're targeting

On Page Seo

“SEO” On-page factors all have to do with elements of your own website. On-page factors include technical set-up – meta tags – meta description – image optimization the quality of your code – textual and visual content and user-friendliness of your site.

Off Page Seo

We can do into the different methods and techniques that can be used to improve the position of a web site in the search engine results page

Design Your Custom SEO strategy

Maintaining a strong online presence takes a City, and your search engine optimization strategy is no different. Get more traffic to your website, increase conversions, and grow business. We’ll deliver regular reporting so you can take the pulse on our progress.

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